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Ethos and values

Ethos and values

We are committed to building a nurturing, inclusive, trilingual school.

We believe that our school community should embrace cultural diversity, celebrate differences and practise mutual respect. We hope that pupils will think of our premises as their second home, and of our staff as their extended family.

We help all students grow, learn and blossom by providing an international, multilingual, safe and nurturing setting. We want each and every pupil to reach their full potential, and we work closely with parents to prepare them for primary school.

We aim to help pupils gain a greater sense of confidence and autonomy, and enhance their language skills, by learning in and practising three languages. 

We strive to be a school that encourages curiosity and critical thinking, and triggers exploration. Our ambition is for our pupils to develop a wide range of skills, start on their journey to trilingualism, and gain a better understanding of the diversity of the world surrounding them.

We believe in taking advantage of the opportunities offered by our environment. As well as learning Portuguese, our pupils will benefit from the many scientific, cultural and sports institutions that Lisbon has to offer, and enjoy its numerous educational enrichment programmes for schools.

Our sister school: L’école bilingue in London

L’école bilingue was the first school in London to offer a completely bilingual education, with half of classes delivered in French, and half in English.  

It opened as a nursery school, but now extends into primary, hosting 120 pupils aged 3 to 11. All children are welcome, regardless of their nationality, religion or cultural background. 

L’école bilingue’s ambition, from the very start, has been to deliver an outstanding bilingual and non-religious education, in a safe, warm and nurturing environment. Pupils acquire or practise a second language naturally, through the immersion method.

L’école bilingue’s teaching is not only bilingual but also bicultural, as it combines the best of the French and English teaching cultures and pedagogies. 

L’école bilingue is accredited by the French Ministry for Education, and is a partner school of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE).

The English schools inspection board (Office for Standards in Education – Ofsted) ranked L’école bilingue among the top schools in the UK by renewing its Outstanding rating in February 2019.

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